Privacy Policy


xathleticwear may collect the following personal information about you as part of the website registration process: Information about your name, alternate email address, mobile number and contact details, zip code (age, gender, occupation, education, address, other demographic information, etc.), and the pages of the website you are accessing / accessing. The name it contains, the link you clicked on the website, how often you visit the site, and other browsing data.

What is the purpose of the information?

xathleticwear Industries may use your personal information to provide customized features on our website or to offer promotions through our website or other channels. xathleticwear Industries also shares your information with its affiliates and partners so that they can contact you when they need to provide the services you request. This information is used by xathleticwear Industries to maintain the transaction history required by law or regulation. xathleticwear Industries also provides internal contact information for managing product development activities, contacting you as a research participant, notifying you if you win the contest, and sending promotional materials from contest sponsors and advertisers. May be used. This information is also used by xathleticwear Industries to send promotional materials and promotional materials.