All you Need to Know About Garments Care Policy

Although we will try our best to ensure the outcome of your customized clothing line exactly as you want, but we require your cooperation in finalizing the summarized details of what your entire project is all about.

Screen Printed Apparel:

For screen printed apparel, we recommend that you wash the garment inside-out and with cold water. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as they can damage the print. When drying, set your machine on tumble dry with low heat to prevent shrinking and fading. Alternatively, you can flat dry the shirts to prevent shrinkage. Be careful when ironing and avoid ironing over the designed areas. No dry cleaning, please.

Embroidered Apparel:

Make sure to follow the care label instructions for washing and preservation of embroidered apparel. Wash the garment inside-out on a cold water cycle. Chlorine bleach can cause thread discoloration, so avoid using it. Also, avoid using fabric softeners. When drying, use the tumble dry with low heat method or flat dry the shirt to prevent shrinkage. Just like with screen printed apparel, be careful when ironing and avoid ironing over the embroidered areas. No dry cleaning, please.

Heat-Pressed Vinyl:

For heat-pressed vinyl garments, follow the same instructions as for screen printed apparel. Avoid using fabric softeners as they can weaken the adhesive and cause the vinyl to peel. Don’t use fabric softeners on polyester, moisture-wicking, or fire retardant materials as they can leave a residue that can damage the fabric.

We provide pre-shrunk and pre-washed apparel, so there’s no need to shrink wash. Shrink washing can cause fading and damage to the garment. If you’re not sure if your garment is pre-shrunk, feel free to ask us!

Cotton/poly blends are typically less likely to shrink depending on the ratio of cotton to polyester. More polyester equals less shrinkage. Lastly, avoid dry cleaning your garments as it can cause pilling, which is when small balls of fabric form on the surface of the garment due to friction during washing or dry cleaning. Many of the garments we offer at XAthleticWear, like Gildan t-shirts, are made from a pill-resistant yarn. However, no garment is truly “pill-free.” The way you care for your garment is crucial in prolonging its appearance.


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