Why Choose X athletic Wear?

Why Choose X Athletic Wear As Your Clothing Manufacturer From Pakistan

X athletic Wear provides a convenient one-stop solution for Clothing manufacturing, offering all necessary services. We handle custom dyeing, source embroidery patches, wash, source fabric, package, and deliver. Choose from a variety of options, and our team ensures a seamless, stress-free process.

We pride ourselves on transforming your vision into reality. Our skilled designers can turn rough sketches or concepts into desired products. At X Athletic Wear, our commitment is to serve customers and accomplish the seemingly impossible. Trust us to deliver superior clothing that fulfills your specific needs.

Opt for X Athletic Wear for your Clothing manufacturing needs and enjoy the convenience and expertise of our team.

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An Ethical Clothing Manufacturing Company

Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Made Easy.

As an apparel manufacturer partner, we offer sustainable and organic one-stop solutions for all your apparel production needs.

Our values: X Athletic Wear

At X Athletic Wear, we prioritize worker safety and offer our laborers three times higher wages than local standards. Additionally, our values encompass job and health safety. Each product undergoes three quality tests before shipment to guarantee superior quality. We ensure copyright protection for your designs. Our customers benefit from the fastest shipment, with delivery in three to four days. We conduct Skype face-to-face meetings with manufacturers to ensure satisfactory service.

Most minimal -minimum order quantity manufacturing and global approach

As one of the leading custom clothing manufacturers for Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, X athletic Wear offers a minimum order quantity of fifty pieces per design. In the past seven years, we have served 8,467 apparel brands, including numerous t-shirt manufacturers. Most of them initiated their first order with us and have since become prominent Clothing manufacturing brands in their respective countries.

Our manufacturing capability

At X Athletic Wear manufacturing facility, we proudly produce custom-made Hoodies (plain or with zipper), Cut And Sew Jeans, sweatshirts, special leggings, leather jackets, socks, and more. Our top-notch service is recognized by cut and sew manufacturers. With our Clothing Factory, you can enjoy 100% customization of your attire. Our skilled production team offers custom designs, pattern evaluation, and modifications to meet your clothing requirements.

Simple and Friendly Work Flow for Creative People

Our production line offers cutting-edge services to Custom Clothing, Clothing Brands, and Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in the United States. Whether it’s based on sketches or organized Tech Packs, X Athletic Wear delivers. We also design and manufacture Logo Apparel for global companies. Our work is defined by our commitment to quality. We excel in collaborating with established brands and emerging fashion designers.

Laser cutting

Our company recently introduced Customized Laser cutting services to enhance custom leggings, shirt cutting, custom-made hoodies, and other clothing designs requiring customization. For instance, we offer laser cuttings of various sizes to jeans manufacturers.

Custom Casual Dyeing Option

X athletic Wear  also offers clothing manufacturers the opportunity to avail custom dip-dye apparel, custom acid wash clothing, and custom tie-dye clothing.

Providing custom hang tags and labels

X athletic Wear empowers clothing manufacturers by offering custom patterns, designs, and personalized labels to meet their specific needs. We provide low minimum order quantities for iron carved labels, heat pasted labels, satin and cotton woven labels, and custom fabric labels worldwide.

Redoing your wear

As one of the largest customized clothing manufacturing companies in the United States, X Athletic Wear aims to become a comprehensive solution for all businesses. In addition to Custom Apparel Manufacturing, we provide customers with diverse printing and embroidery options. With over twelve screen printing capabilities, X Athletic Wear offers a minimum of just fifty pieces for three-dimensional Embroidery.

We produce and knit custom fabrics

X athletic Wear offers customers the option of custom knitted fabric with a low minimum order quantity of two hundred pieces. Additionally, we can source custom fabric according to customer requirements.

Moreover, our company provides various services including customized beaded and sequin work, Embroidery work by hand or computer, custom fabric Printing (heat transfer, foil, digital screen printing), and more. We offer custom lacework, washing effects on Denim, smocking (by hand or computer), PATONE fabric dyeing, grading, design making, customized packing and finishing, cutting and sewing, label or tag development, production of woven or knitted fabric, and attachment of zippers and buttons. We also offer sampling services to meet your needs.

X athletic Wear step for those who initiates to start an apparel brand

X athletic Wear, as a clothing manufacturer, has assisted over two thousand lesser-known clothing brands in the United States and other countries. We observe that many brands produce quality products but struggle with marketing and sales strategies, resulting in limited popularity. While starting an online clothing store may appear simple, running a successful and effective online clothing business requires hard work, determination, and marketing expertise. We have compiled crucial tricks and strategies for you to follow when launching an online clothing store.

Choosing a focused audience and theme of your apparel brand.

When launching a clothing brand, start by selecting a theme or subject and envisioning the desired pattern or design. Target a specific audience or gender, such as Athletes or sports enthusiasts, with designs like sports leggings or Hoodies. Other themes could be nature, cars, or aeronautics, catering to specific interests. To differentiate your brand, establish a distinct theme and obtain a professionally designed logo. A well-designed logo plays a vital role in representing your brand identity and attracting your target audience, fostering growth. X Athletic Wear Logos offers logo design packages aligned with the latest fashion trends to provide our customers with expert assistance.

Choosing a budget for investment and allocation for your clothing brand

To run a brand successfully, having a precise investment figure is crucial, as it can vary significantly. This figure provides an understanding of your brand’s expenditure. You can seek an investor, someone who believes in your abilities and has financial resources, or utilize your successful business track record to attract investors. The key is not the amount of investment, but rather the smart utilization of funds. To ensure proper spending, create a spending ratio plan. Avoid allocating all funds to manufacturing; allocate a portion for marketing and advertising. Based on a survey of successful clothing brands, we recommend spending 5% on administration, 60% on manufacturing, sampling, and designing, and 35% on Marketing.

Getting a cost idea for manufacturing and designing your clothing line:

The challenge arises when you lack a substantial amount to start with, but you need designs and patterns that appeal to the public and your target audience for easy selling and advantage. X Athletic Wear employs skilled fashion designers who provide dress brands with unique ideas tailored to their requirements, creating exceptional and stylish Clothing lines.

Choosing a marketing or advertisement plan

Having an advertising plan contributes to about sixty percent of success in all businesses, and it is even more crucial, accounting for eighty percent of success in the clothing industry. By adjusting the 4 P’s Of Marketing – Product, Promotion, Price, and Placement – a good marketing plan can be developed. Many people begin by focusing on promotion to sell their items, but it is equally important to decide the placement and target audience for your brand. How will you effectively sell your clothing line? Options include reaching out to retailers to display your products, utilizing Social Media and Blogging, and engaging in shared marketing across different search engines. If you still have questions about how to sell your product, X Athletic Wear offers the opportunity to schedule an appointment with our marketing professionals from X Athletic Wear Logos.


Lowest MOQ Manufacturing and Global Approach

Xathletic, a leading high-quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing Company, serves USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, offering a low minimum ordering quantity of only 50 pieces per design.

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Custom Laser Etching, (Laser Cutting)

Recently, Xathletic announced the introduction of Custom Laser Etching (Laser Cutting) for decorating Custom Leggings, Hoodies, and other Custom Manufactured Clothing designs.

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Lowest MOQ Manufacturing and Global Approach

Xathletic, a leading high-quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing Company, serves the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada with a low minimum ordering quantity of only 50 pieces per design.

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