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Printing Methods

All Over Screen Printing Methods

Approaching the task of imprinting on apparel and fabrics provides several options, each with unique benefits. The simplest and most effective approach is Printing Using Different Printing Methods, but conventional clothing manufacturers have to consider limitations.

 X Athletic Wear offers an exceptional solution through our Cut And Sew services. Instead of Printing directly on pre-made garments, we surpass the constraints faced by other manufacturers by providing cut panels for Printing. Whether you face Sublimation’s white blemishes or require all-over Screen Printing, we have you covered. Our expertise extends to placing logos on sleeve edges or Printing on unconventional areas. If you need a distinct pattern on your hoodie pocket while maintaining a different overall look, we can handle it. Count on X Athletic Wear to find practical solutions for any print positioning challenge, ensuring customization is never limited. Our printing options include silk Screen Printing, all-over Sublimation printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Digital Printing, and even Direct To Garment Printing.

Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing emerges as a favored and user-friendly method for printing designs on a diverse range of products. Transitioning seamlessly onto any fabric, regardless of its composition or treatment, it effortlessly transfers intricate patterns due to its fabric-friendly nature.

At X Athletic Wear, we opt for negatives instead of butter paper when it comes to intricate designs, resulting in sharper and more well-defined prints. What distinguishes our Screen Printing process is our ability to handle complex designs effortlessly, without depending on advanced machinery. This capability enables us to deliver exceptional results and offers unlimited customization options for precise print placement and color matching, guaranteeing flawless execution of every design.

Top Notch High Quality Screen Printing Machine to Use for Silk Screen Printing.
A Worker At X Athletic Wear Industries Doing Flock Screen Printing Methods

Flock Screen Printing

Garments typically consist of synthetic fibers such as Cotton, rayon, and polyester. To ensure ink adherence, an adhesive fluid is initially applied to the designated print area. Then, the ink is applied through the screen. Through group Screen Printing, a smooth and opulent texture is achieved. For multiple colors, each color is individually dyed and subsequently transferred onto the adhesive coating using the screen. The result is a plush, soft, and embossed print that exudes a luxurious sensation.

Water Based Pigment Screen Printing

Shade Screen Printing, also known as water-based Screen Printing, bears resemblance to Discharge Screen Printing. However, it employs water-based ink instead of plastic-based or Plastisol ink to achieve color variation. This method is predominantly utilized on white and light-colored garments. Water-Based Printing offers a softer texture and vibrant color choices, delivering exceptional results on light-colored fabrics such as white, off-white, or light gray.

A Worker During Printing Clothes Using Water Based Pigment / Screen Printing Methods at X Athletic Wear Industries.
A Worker Holding A Top Notch High Quality Discharge Printing Machine During This Printing Method.

Discharge Screen Printing

The Discharge Screen Printing method employs similar equipment but uses different inks. Specifically designed for this Printing technique, release inks are utilized. These inks, when applied to T-Shirts, remove the original color from the designated area and replace it with the desired hue. When touched, the print seamlessly blends with the fabric, creating a natural texture. Release ink can be utilized as a standalone print or as an under base for additional prints. It provides an alternative to Water-Based Printing, especially for lighter color options.

High Denisty 3D Printing

High-density printing sets itself apart from puff printing by offering sharper edges and a 3D Effect. Unlike puff printing, which may lack sharpness, high-density printing utilizes viscous inks that flow smoothly through screens without adhering to them. Consequently, it produces crisper and finer edges, accompanied by a subtle puff effect. It is advisable to avoid regular washing of high-density prints due to their firm composition, which can lead to faster fading compared to other printing methods. Nevertheless, this technique proves highly advantageous when applied to Garments that undergo infrequent laundering.

An Image of Printed Garment using High Density 3D Printing Method
A piece Printed Cloth Using Crack Screen Printing.

Crack Screen Printing

Crack screen printing, also known as crackle screen printing or distress screen printing, employs a particular type of ink that generates a cracked or distressed appearance when it dries.

The process involves applying crackle ink onto screens, which is then transferred onto T-Shirts, followed by the application of heat to aid in the drying process. Once the ink has dried, the cracks become visible, giving the design a unique distressed aesthetic. This technique is commonly utilized to imbue T-Shirts, Jerseys, or Jackets with a vintage charm. By incorporating crack screen Printing, you can enhance your apparel business and distinguish your products from traditionally printed items.

Puff Screen Printing

An Image Of Piece Printed Using Puff Screen Printing Methods
A Piece Of Cloth during Burn Out Process before Printing.

Burn Out Process

At X Athletic Wear, we offer Sulfate coloring as a choice to enhance the texture of your Garments. This technique allows for the creation of various effects, such as color variations, acid-like appearances, or complete fading. It provides a unique aesthetic and unlocks endless possibilities for customization. We encourage you to explore sulfate coloring as a way to personalize your Garments according to your preferences.

Sublimation Printing Process

At X Athletic Wear, we offer Sublimation Printing as a more intricate alternative to Heat Transfers. To initiate this process, Sublimation ink is applied to the desired area and subjected to heat. As heat is applied, the ink undergoes a transformation, converting into a gas and seamlessly integrating itself into the fabric. The outcome is a cleaner and more professional print appearance. It is important to emphasize that Sublimation Printing is specifically designed for 100 percent polyester fabrics or polyester-coated items. Despite involving the use of a heat press, sublimation printing should not be confused with heat transfer printing. 

Our Sublimation Printing technique ensures there are no white marks by utilizing cut panels that are later assembled, resulting in a superior visual outcome. This method is highly recommended for sports jerseys and other moisture-wicking polyester garments that often feature digital designs. Although sublimation printing is typically applied across the entire shirt or product, at x athletic wear, we offer the flexibility to place prints in any desired location as long as the polyester fabric is white.

A Piece Of Material During Sublimation Printing Method Process At X Athletic Wear Industries.
A Piece Of T-Shirt in Machine During Sticker Heat Transfer Printing Method.

Sticker Heat Transfer Printing

At X Athletic Wear, we offer a substitute for sticker-like heat transfer printing, introducing a more durable solution with a lower rate of removal. Our printing method produces results that resemble a sticker adhered to the garment, while providing enhanced durability that allows for the printing of actual images onto our products.

Digital Printing

X athletic wear offers a superior alternative to sticker heat transfer printing, providing a more durable option with a lower rate of removal. Our printing method produces a long-lasting print that resembles a sticker adhered to the garment but possesses the capability to print actual images onto our products.

A Piece Of T-Shirt For Printing At Digital Printing Machine Using Digital Printing Methods.
A Piece Printed T-Shirt Using Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing Method

Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

In order to enhance your clothing brand, X Athletic Wear endeavors to utilize the efficient and straightforward method of DTG (Direct-To-Garment) printing. Although industrial usage of DTG printing typically requires a higher minimum requirement and entails significant costs, we provide this service with the lowest minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. Rest assured that we guarantee the highest quality and a minimal print fee. With our direct-to-garment printing, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and propelling your clothing brand to new heights.


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