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When beginning a new brand, several fitness Gym clothes and Custom Sports Bra Manufacturer should be taken into account. However, none of our competitors match our extensive customer support, competitive pricing, and user-friendly service. Moreover, we are experienced in collaborating with emerging brands, making us the ideal company to bring your vision to reality. Below, we have provided key questions to consider when searching for the right female activewear manufacturer for your Custom sports bras.

X athletic wear, a Pakistan based manufacturer, produces high-quality female sports bras that offer exceptional comfort, ease of wear, and outstanding performance. Our product is available at wholesale prices, and you can place bulk orders from our spacious production unit.

In addition to reducing your manufacturing costs significantly, our production center provides extensive customer support. We ensure constant communication and regular updates on your order. Our designers offer insightful consultations and recommendations based on thorough analysis of your target market and industry niches.

Top Notch Quality Custom Made Athletic Sports Bra


Finding the right sports bra manufacturer for your Clothing line can pose a challenge. You need a reliable supplier who delivers precise outcomes and implements rigorous quality assurance measures for the final product. X Athletic Wear, as sports bra suppliers, guarantee adherence to all technological specifications you provide. We prioritize your instructions, specifications, and interest in detail to achieve outstanding results. X Athletic Wear establish benchmarks for you to gauge our performance and exceed your expectations.


We are the ideal choice in response to your need for a sports bra that meets your customers’ requirements. You can acquire customized sports bras for a diverse range of customers within a specific niche through us. Our CMT department, led by experienced professionals in the apparel industry, ensures top-notch craftsmanship. Obtain cutting-edge products that elevate your brand and outperform competitors through our dedicated facility. As a premium sports bra manufacturer, we supply a wide range of garments, including casual wear, loungewear, celebrity attire, and other informal occasions. Our products not only provide comfort but also have exceptional durability.

Premium Quality Custom Made Gym Sports Bra
Premium Quality Custom Yoga Sports Bra


We cover all aspects from fabric selection, cutting, embellishment, and sewing to sampling, prototyping, mass production, packaging, and distribution. Our manufacturing facility fully caters to your needs.

Our stylists offer exceptional assessment options for informed decisions by thoroughly analyzing your target customers and industry niche. They assist in making appropriate choices for your future clothing lines. In short, you can effortlessly create any customized sports bra worldwide through us.

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