Manufacturing custom clothes especially as a start-up apparel brand is a complex process in the big and competitive industry of apparel. There are many questions and many considerations you may have as a new apparel entrepreneur. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can answer some essential and basic questions regarding apparel manufacturing and our company Xathletic Wear. Therefore, our FAQ page will assist and help you in answering your basic queries about our products, services, company policy, etc. Please make sure you check our FAQ page thoroughly before contacting us.

We provide the service of smaller minimums orders of 50 pieces per design to apparel companies and brands all over the world. So they can start their company with their unique designs and market them to get more orders. This small quantity also avoids sampling hassles for brands that want to order more, but first need to check the market for their designs.

Xathletic Wear gives 17 business days timeframe to all clients but it is only a rough standard estimate. Usually orders take that long to complete because we go through all the details with the clients during the process, and get their print approvals, stitching approvals and wait time is added because of lack of communication maintained or incomplete tech pack submitted that increases confusions. We prefer to satisfy the client by both quality of the apparel and the timeliness of the order process, but this part requires your cooperation and that is why it is good if everything that we ask for is timely replied from the customer end. The duration of order receiving also depends on the quantity and process complexity of the order.

Xathletic Wear offers quantity discounts and promotional discounts that are seasonally introduced for our regular customers. by quantity discount we means the more overall garments you order of the same design, the less each individual garment will cost. If you are trying to order only 30 or 50 shirts, try increasing your quantity of shirts to 100, 200, or even 500. And see the difference in price per piece.

Yes, you can order a sample before ordering. Pre-production samples are produced in the exact same way as all the garments will eventually be produced on large-scale production. If you would like a sample before putting in an actual production order, we can accommodate your request during production but we will have to charge for the sample shipment and ask you to make a reasonable deposit to ensure that you are serious with the ordering of the same garment. We provide both prototyping and sample production services.

If you fail to reply or approve any sample e-mailed/sent to you within a month, your order will automatically be put on hold, and will restart when we receive your approval.

The website list is not our complete selection of customizable apparel products. Cut and Sew Apparel has partnered with several apparel suppliers, we have access to numerous type of products and materials. If you do not see what you want, please let us know and we will arrange it according to your order. We manufacture high quality customizable products exactly according to our client’s specifications.

No, you cannot bring your own raw material or garments. Because, we work on creating the apparel from the scratch, we offer you 100% quality assurance on all the products we manufacture. So that, when you order your custom made clothes we can assure you high-end quality products. Further our production takes place in Pakistan, so it is expensive for a customer to ship the fabric, and more cost effective to buy it from here.

Yes, you will always receive a proof of your order from Cut and Sew Apparel before it is put into production. We do not print, embroider, sublimate, or create anything without your express or written approval, we will try to show as much pictures as you want until you are satisfied and gives us a go ahead with the production.

Therefore, kindly review your proofs carefully and approve your order summary within 24 hours of your payment. Look over all at the information mentioned within the proof, carefully review the images, and request changes with anything you are not pleased with. And if you need changes made in your garments, immediately let us know upon the order receipt of your proof within 24 hours.

If you do not need any changes to your proof, then reply to the e-mail and let us know that you approve your proof for production. We do not move forward with production order until we have received written approval of a proof from our client.

With latest communication application, like Whatsapp and Viber, you are always connected to your Relationship manager here atXathletic Wear . A dedicated Relationship Manager is assigned to you, who is responsible to work with you from design to delivery of your garments. We try to make the communication as effective and timely as possible like within 24 hours to three to four days excluding weekends, holidays, and other closures.

We have a fast order turnaround system. If a product sells much faster than expected, quick restock is possible. The 17 working days timeframe is a standard rough estimate given to all clients because orders do not take that long to complete. The order turnaround depends on the details of a given project like the quantity of order, process of production, services rendered and the complexity of the order. But restocking within 2 months, will enable us to give you a low time frame over all , and since we don’t have to go through the approvals again the timeframe is shortened automatically.

The turnaround time starts from the day you approve the order summary that will be sent out to you within 24 hours of your payment. Therefore, thoroughly review the order summary as no changes can be made in it once it is forwarded to the production department.

We are always more than happy to give you an update on the status of your order. We believe that our customers should be aware of how their garment is being made, so we also give our customer a live broadcast of production on request. We will also inform you about any delays in the process of production if there are some issues, because all the garments are cut and sew products with diversified options, there is a possibility of delay in arranging fabric that is particularly not a running fabric.

Yes, we do provide the service of rush order. Just indicate that your production order should be rushed when you are ordering. Because, if you have submitted an order and then ask for it to be rushed, there is a chance our schedule of production will not allow us to fulfill your order as requested on the rushed time. There is a rush fees which is calculated by the day.

Order Changes

You can add garments within three days of placing your order. It all depends on the order type and how much time has passed. Once the period of adjustment has passed which is three days, we are unable to make quantity adjustments to your order.

You can cancel an order within 3 days once the payment is made.  If the garments that you have ordered have passed the 3 days period and have been sent for production then a cancellation charge of 40% of the order value will apply.


Payment is due once a customer places an order, the payment percentage depends on the ordering quantity and type of product.

We accept payments from Credit cards, Debit cards and Bank transfers.


The cost of shipment would depend mostly on your ordering quantity and the product type, the prices we quote are inclusive of shipment and hence when you send us the designs for a quote, we would be able to give you an actually cost inclusive of everything.

DHL, FedEx and Sky net Courier worldwide are our primary carriers for shipping and delivery. DHL and FedEx Priority mail may take up to four to five days to arrive and DHL Parcel Post can take two week to arrive within USA or Canada and up to two-three weeks to HI and AK. We might also use different courier services which seem best for the delivery location.

After Receiving an Order

If there is an error or issue with your order contact us immediately. Your 100% satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Xathletic Wear is a professional apparel manufacturing company. We have several standards, policies and procedures in place to assure our high quality. But, we are human and mistakes sometimes happen. If there is a misprint, error, or issue with your order, we will work to correct mistakes, mishaps or errors that have occurred. Your satisfaction is of extremely important to us.

Please contact us directly through email or on our toll free number. You can also contact your relationship manager.

No, you do not have to pay certain charges on re-ordering from Xathletic Wear. For instance, if you have paid to have your logo digitized into AI format, or if you paid screen set-up fees or if you paid to have your artwork vectored. These fees will not be charged again when you re-order with Xathletic Wear.

Contacting Xathletic Wear

We unanimously prefer any form of communication e-mail contact or phone call at Xathletic Wear. But e-mail is more reasonable because of several reasons. The most important reason that we prefer e-mail is because there is much less room for error. Phone calls are verbal and there is no record of the written contents of a phone call only that a phone call occurred. With e-mail, both you and the employees of Xathletic Wear have the full power to review the conversation. This is advantageous to both parties – both Xathletic Wear and you will benefit from written records.

You can call us at our toll free number +1-888-912-4359 from USA or Skype, from outside you can use +1520-902-7004 or you could simply leave an e-mail at info@Xathletic Wear.com and our Customer Service Representative will contact you to provide further details.

You can contact us directly. If your request is urgent that is in the case of an emergency feel free to email us at urgent@Xathleticwear.com , This triggers an email to all the staff members in sales and production department, but that too is conditional for example, if something has already been produced so we cannot re-produce it with the changes.When you are requesting a status update on your order always have your invoice number mentioned.

You can call us at our toll free number or you could simply leave an e-mail at info@Xathleticwear.com and our Customer Service Representative will contact you to provide further details.

Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, Eastern Time.

Saturday 9AM to 2Pm Eastern Standard time.

Our offices in Canada and USA, are for the purpose of backend work, and we do not take orders from there, they are actually distribution channels, but if your order is above 10,000 Pcs, then we will arrange our relationship manager to meet with you in Mississauga, Ontario Canada , Or Phoenix Arizona USA, or Dubai UAE, Or Pakistan.

Xathleticwear is an international apparel manufacturer. We respect your right to choose which email you want to receive or not, we collect data from our trade portals where you signed up yourself , but still if you do not wish to receive our emails, you can tell us and we will remove your email address from the mailing list. Privacy Policy.

Absolutely not, we do not share your personal information with anyone else. Your personal information will never be sold, given, or otherwise transmitted to a third party. We are fully committed to protect your privacy. However, we are legally bound to reveal information, including personal information of our clients, if the law enforces it.

Yes. But before talking to you, we want you to send us the basic information about your order to save time. For example, if you are interested in Cut and Sew Manufacturing, speaking with a representative before submitting your information like CAD, mock-up, and/or tech-pack is essentially pointless.

We need a lot of information to answer any questions you may have. It may seem like a broad, easily-answered question to you but it actually hinge on several factors, depending on the service you choose.

We can gather the specific, relevant information about your product, your garment, and your project, and give you one accurate and right answer hand-tailored to your piece, situation, and finances.

Yes, we are proud to introduce our policy of 100% quality guarantee for all our products. We offer 100% quality assurance and not a single piece is going to be defective. If you order 100 pieces, you will get 100 pieces which are accurate as per your description. Our 100% quality guarantee policy includes:

1.No whole in any fabric/garment.

2.No lose threads.

3.No stitching errors.

4.100% preshrunk.

5.No stains.

6.No printing mistakes.

7.According to provided sizes with 1 inch tolerance.

8.Quality packing.

Yes, we offer various methods to promote the business of our customers which result in more sales for the customer and allowing us to make more production for them in return. Because, we believe in mutual growth of the client and the company. We refer our clients to the customer by doing promotional activities for the client, with their Clothing Brand Name and other contact details publically available for them.

Yes, we have a non-disclosure policy. Normally, we have our previous work as our portfolio on the website. But, we can remove it from the website on special notices if the other party doesn’t want us to disclose their designs.

We provide our customers with strict quality-controlled goods without exemption according to Xathletic Wear quality standard. Once the customized goods have been shipped, we do not accept any refunds or returns at all. So you can ask for pictures, video conference or you can visit our website to check the orders quality.

You can make any changes on the garments as long as the order is with us, but once it is shipped, we can still make the changes but you will have to pay for the shipment and re-shipment of the garments.


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