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Xathleticwear is a top-tier manufacturer of custom sports and jog-pants designed. To meet the unique needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Our custom sports and jog-pants are perfect. For a variety of activities such as running. Training, or even just lounging around.
At Xathleticwear, we understand the importance of personalized apparel. Which is why we offer custom logo printing. Dyeing, and printing options. We give our customers the freedom to create their own unique. Designs and logos to ensure that they stand out from the crowd.
In addition to our custom options. We also offer a wide range of basic and special. Cut and sew jogger pants. Our basic jogger pants are comfortable and practical for everyday wear. While our special cut and sew jogger pants .are designed to provide the perfect fit for athletes. Our thick seamed jogger pants offer added durability for high-intensity workouts.

Xathleticwear also offers custom clothing options. Allowing our customers to design and create their own unique clothing pieces. To match their personal style and preferences. Our dedication to quality, customization, and comfort. Has made us a trusted name in the athletic wear industry.



Xathleticwear offers a range of high-quality jogger pants. To suit your every need, including our Basic Jogger Pant. Our dedicated pants factory can manufacture custom jogger pants from scratch. Making them perfect for both workwear/uniform or casual attire.
Our pants come in various designs and styles, including military-grade toughness and civilian designs. We can cater to all kinds of pants such as baggy. Bell bases, capris, cargo, culottes, fatigue, harem, pedal pushers, punk. Slacks, straights, leggings, as well as toreadors, to name a few.
Our tailored trousers are made with premium materials and are perfect for all seasons. Ensuring that you are comfortable no matter the weather. Whether you are looking for a specific fit or design. We can cater to the demands of various consumers.



Xathleticwear offers a range of cut and sew jogger pants designed for the modern man who seeks a relaxed and sophisticated style. Our linen trousers are perfect for the warm summer months, with white linen pants providing effortless style. Our jogger pants are available in various designs and styles, including custom-made options for the easygoing man. The snug fit of our cut and sew jogger pants offers a refined appearance that combines casual dressing with comfort.
We take pride in offering a wide selection of linen and wholesale custom jogger pants, made from high-quality materials that are tailored to fit you perfectly. Our commitment to providing top-notch products and services has earned us a trusted name in the industry. Choose Xathleticwear for all your cut and sew jogger pant needs, and we’ll ensure you look and feel your best wherever you go.



Xathleticwear’s Thick Seamed Jogger Pants are the perfect addition to any modern man’s wardrobe. Our wholesale custom jog-pants come in a variety of styles. Including flared pants, fight trousers, cropped pants, and pleated pants. All designed to make an impact with bold colours and patterned prints.
For those who prefer something a little subtler. We also offer wholesale men’s brown corduroy pants. That match with almost anything. Pair them with a casual white trainer and tee for a bright casual look. Or dress them up with a white shirt and stylish shoes for a smarter outfit.
Our Thick Seamed Jogger Pants are designed with high waist features. That allow men to show off their glutes and thighs. Providing both comfort and style. Discover our entire collection of wholesale custom jog-pants. Including men’s high waist pants and elasticated waist jeans.

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